Mens Hair Styles - Look Handsome


Currently men are just as aware their hair as women are, therefore there are plenty of stylish mens hair-styles that are meant to work with their facial expression and personal style preferences.

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A few decades ago not very much thought was given for the hair styles that men wore, but today there is a large amount of thought put in it. Mens hairdos have come a long way over the past decade, and the modern man would like to look his perfect for both work and play. During the bast barbershops were the place males to go to get their hair cut, many of them today now go to mens speciality hairstylists to get the look they want.

Both short and medium styles are popular for guys, with the former to be the slightly more preferred of these two.

The swept up style is particularly popular, and can be seen in several different varieties. This is the short style using the hair swept up in a number of directions and held up with gel, styling mousse, or wax. This can be a very modern look and is also very popular with younger men. A well known addition to this look is the tips highlighted to get the hair an even more youthful look.

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Very short mens hair-styles are popular as well. Whilst not quite as short being a bowl cut, most of these hairstyles have a little hair left over in order to brush towards the front or to the trunk. Depending on the amount of hair that is certainly left, it can either look shaggy or extremely clean cut. This is the more conservative look than these that are swept up, and supply a great alternative to the above.

Longer hair lengths are also favorable and depending hair type, the sky can be the limit. If your man does not have thick hair, the guy can crop it to medium-length and have it layered. This really is best for medium or thick hair given it will not be too wispy -- with thin hair it's best to stock to any unlayered variations. Keeping the style cropped up shorter near the face is also popular, with it longer as it progressively extends back.

These are just a few examples of today's popular hairstyles for males. Within these small examples there are dozens of varieties, then past those there are lots of as well. The world of hair fashion and care is not just a woman's world, and mens hair-styles are being paid more care about than ever.